A new resident to Abu Dhabi, John was eager to take as many photos of Abu Dhabi to send back home as he could. Having arrived in early January, one of John’s first purchasing was an iPhone that would work in the UAE. A quick visit to the Apple Store in Yas Mall, John was the now the owner of a brand new iPhone 6S. Sparkling, beautiful, flawless. He loved it!

While walking on the corniche yesterday taking pictures of the palace, John lost his grip on the phone and watched it go crashing to the ground. Sick to his stomach, he picked it up to find the large cracks running all around the front of the screen. He was devastated. This was not the way to start out his new life in Abu Dhabi. Still able to use his phone, he began looking around for companies that could repair a broken screen on an iPhone 6S. Many of the sites and services he found looked a little sketchy. He wasn’t too confident in who would be handling his phone and what they would be doing to it.

Fortunately he came across us at iRepairUAE. After a short phone call we lined up an appointment with John to meet him at his apartment on Reem Island. We met him in the afternoon and spent about 30 minutes on his phone. In well under an hour we had John’s iPhone 6S looking like new again, as if that walk on the corniche never happened. Of course, he’s going to have to delete those pictures from the corniche if he’s truly going to erase the whole incident. But it was right around sunset, and the palace looked so beautiful in those pictures. Maybe he can just work to eliminate that episode of his phone cracking from his memory.