This was an interesting call we had today from one of our clients with broken screens on his iPhone 5C, iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6. He was quick to say that it had been a rough month in the household. Lots of falls and tumbles will lead any smart with a cracked screen on the front. Each family member has a different preference for size and company. Fortunately for this Dubai residents, he stumbled upon a Apple repair service in Dubai that could repair all the broken screens at once. He was reluctant to call us at first, but once he did he was delighted to find that we would come to him and repair the phones right on the spot. He could even watch the three repairs being done if he wanted. When he met him at his home in Arabian Ranches, he told us how difficult it was to find an Apple repair service in Dubai that would be able to handle all of these repairs without having to send them away for a week or longer. We told him that the Apple repair service in Dubai does fix screens, but it usually takes upwards to 10-14 days. As many of us know, it’s practically impossible to be without our iPhones and Galaxys for that long. We’re not ones to toot our own horns, but we may just be one of the best services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We come to you to repair your screens and it usually takes about 45 minutes to do so. Not to mention that we’re certified by Apple and have done thousands of repairs over the years. We love what we do and take extra special care to make sure your phones are looking like new again and working properly. Always happy to help!

iPhone and Galaxy Screen Repair

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