Duane had not one, not two, but three broken iPhones in Dubai that he was in desperate need of getting fixed. Two of them were his and the damage was of his own making. The third, however, belonged to his youngest daughter who had dropped it when entering school the other day.

Since the week of cracks, the family has not been the same. Things have kept happening. Fender-benders, spilled coffee, homework eaten by the dog. Duane was fed up with this bad luck and decided it was all the fault of the broken iPhones he was in possession of.

Wanting to move on from these troubles, Duane looked for an iPhone repair service in Dubai that could fix his broken iPhones as quickly as possible. After asking around and searching the internet, he stumbled upon an amazing iPhone repair service in Dubai that not only goes to its customers, but also fixes the devices on the spot, right there in front of you. He was sold!

He gave a call moments later and set up an appointment with us to meet him near Dubai Mall at his office building. We showed up a few minutes early and met him in the lobby. He took us to an open office space on his work floor and we got cracking on replacing those screens. In just about an hour, we had all three iPhone screens back to normal and looking brand new again. When Duane returned, he could feel a change in the universe. His family’s bad luck was over!

Delighted with our service, Duane promised to tell all his coworkers and friends about this amazing service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that works to fix damaged iPhones and iPads around the emirates. If you are a past customer, be sure to spread the word about our tremendous service. We love to help out!