Walking around with a broken iPhone in Dubai is never a fun time. Knowing that that broken iPhone was the result of a car running it over is doubly never a fun time. Such was the case with Kevin this week. Having accidentally dropped his new iPhone while getting out of his car and then not noticing it was missing until 20 minutes later, Kevin walked back to where he thought he may have lost it. Sure enough, it was there. Several meters away from the driver side door of his car. Sadly, it looked a lot different from when he last saw it. A car, or two, or three probably ran over it leaving it looking like the picture above. It was cracked, to say the least. And Kevin was devastated. He had only owned this iPhone for a few weeks and was now looking at an iPhone that appeared to have dropped from the top of Burj Khalifa. Kevin needed a screen repair Dubai.

He was not happy at himself. How could he have done such a thing. Miraculously it still turned on. There appeared to be some glimmer of hope for his poor iPhone. He wondered if it would be possible to save. When he returned to his office he began looking for companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi that could repair a broken iPhone screen. Are there even companies that fix cracked iPhones in the UAE? Is there an iPhone repair service that he could call to have a look? Sure enough, there was. He did a quick Google search and stumbled upon us at iRepairUAE. We answered his call and were happy to have a look at his badly damaged iPhone. After about 30 minutes, we had his iPhone back to normal equipped with a new screen. Now no one will ever have to know that it was run over by a few cars.