Danny had never seen a iPhone 6 screen fixed before and was curious how we did it. This was of course after several hours of sadness and embarrassment walking around Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a shattered iPhone 6 screen. He was always reluctant to take his iPhone out of his pocket much less taken a photo or send a picture. The cracked screen as you can see in the picture was gruesome. Here at iRepairUAE we may even say it was one of the worst we had seen in a long while. Danny was hestitant to tell us how it happened but we finally got it out of him. As fellow Dubai residents, we are all familar with SkyDive Dubai. Last week Danny had gone on his first skydiving experience and was blown away about how exciting it was. The whole day was filled with adrenaline and anticipation. He completed the drop from the sky, landed perfectly, and was psyched to share the experience with his friends and family via the social media outlets. While still on the landing strip, Danny took out his iPhone 6 and watched it fall directly to the ground – cracking the glass and LCD screen. Left broken hearted on the concrete, Danny was now the proud owner of a broken iPhone 6 screen in Dubai. And he needed this iPhone 6 screen fixed immediately so he could share with the world what he had just survived. He went searching for a repair service in Abu Dhabi or Dubai that could have his iPhone 6 screen fixed sooner rather than later. Moments later, Danny had found us online and was on the phone with us setting up an appointment. We met him later that afternoon in the Jumeirah area and Kite Beach and fixed his broken iPhone 6 screen in just under 45 minutes. Back to posting and flying above the skyscrapers. Good luck, Danny!

iRepairUAE Cracked iPhone 6 Screen

      iRepairUAE Cracked Screen