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These guys came to my hotel and fixed my phone less than 60 mins after I called them. Very knowledgeable, efficient, used official apple parts and even fixed the previous bodged repair as part of the deal. Highly recommended!
Ahmed - Beach Rotana

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience getting my iPhone fixed. These guys were fast, efficient, and friendly. I definitely recommend them to any one walking around in Dubai with a broken iPhone screen.
Jaime - Dubai Marina

Big thanks to iRepairUAE. They saved the day. I needed my cracked iPad repaired for a presentation I had coming up. They met me at my office and replaced the badly damaged screen in under an hour. Life savors!
Brooke - Al Barsha

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Curious about the cracked iPhone repair cost in Dubai? We're here to help. iRepairUAE has been fixing broken and cracked iPhones in the UAE since 2011. For those wishing to see the cracked iPhone repair cost of iPhone and iPad models, you can check out our pricing...

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Yes, indeed - Sarah asked Amazon's Alexa, "Where can I get my cracked iPhone fixed in Dubai?" To her dismiss, Alexa didn't quite have an answer. One of her favorite kitchen appliances can play music, recite cooking recipes, and even cheer her up with the occasional...

Broken iPhone in Dubai = Tears Rolling Down Cheeks

Simon was having a great day. He woke up early, saw his kids off to school, fixed himself a tasty cup of coffee, and sat down to read the latest in The National. It was a little warm in the UAE on this day, but Simon always felt a cool breeze landing softly on his...

Down and Out with a Shattered iPhone Screen in DXB

Steph was the latest victim of a shattered iPhone screen in Dubai. Many tears were involved and a mixture of shame and embarrassment. How could she do such a thing? She loved this little machine. It gave her the chance to connect with friends, look up amazing...

Getting your broken iPhone fixed has never been easier for folks in the UAE

Duane had not one, not two, but three broken iPhones in Dubai that he was in desperate need of getting fixed. Two of them were his and the damage was of his own making. The third, however, belonged to his youngest daughter who had dropped it when entering school the...

Why does this keep happening? A tale of a broken iPhone 7

Donna called us today while in possession of a broken iPhone 7 screen in Dubai. This broken iPhone became broken this past weekend when she was out with friends walking in Dubai Mall. When she reached into her purse to grab her wallet, the iPhone 7 came flying out and...

A car ran over my iPhone. Can you help?

Walking around with a broken iPhone in Dubai is never a fun time. Knowing that that broken iPhone was the result of a car running it over is doubly never a fun time. Such was the case with Kevin this week. Having accidentally dropped his new iPhone while getting out...

Getting a Cracked iPad Screen Fixed in Dubai… never a fun time. You're embarrassed that your dropped and cracked your iPad screen in the first place. You're angry that you're going to have to fork over a few dirhams you could've used for a night out on the town. You're especially frustrated at the fact that...

These iPhone Breaks Keep Breaking My Heart ?

For Kim, this is her third time breaking her iPhone 6S screen in Dubai. Each time she has dropped her iPhone 6S only to pick it up with a broken screen has broken her heart. It is a devastating experience dropping and cracking the screen on your iPhone. Friends have...

Fixing my broken iPhone screen in Dubai

How many drops does it take to finally break the screen on an iPhone. Steve, unfortunately, was the one who had to find out the hard way. Having been in possession of his iPhone 5C for all of three days, without accumulating any drops, he finally figured out that it...