John had a bad day. It all started when he was getting out of his car after arriving at work. He had securely put his iPhone 4 in his pant pocket, but when he got up to get out of the car the iPhone 4 fell out of his pocket and went crashing onto the pavement. The result looks like the picture at left. The phone worked fine. Unfortunately, there were large and long cracks running from side to side. Knowing it might be difficult to find a reliable service in Abu Dhabi to fix cracked iPhone 4 screens, he turned to the internet to do a few searches. Within minutes, he found us and find out one of our repair forms after learning the price and the details of how we operate. We called him shortly after and set up a time to meet him at his office later that day. In about 40 minutes, we had his iPhone 4 screen fixed and back to normal.