How many drops does it take to finally break the screen on an iPhone. Steve, unfortunately, was the one who had to find out the hard way. Having been in possession of his iPhone 5C for all of three days, without accumulating any drops, he finally figured out that it takes just one drop to cracked the screen on his iPhone. No fun!

As you can see from the picture above, the result pretty much destroyed the entire phone. He couldn’t text. He couldn’t call. He couldn’t let his friends know that he was going to be out of commission for a short while. The drop/crack/destroyed iPhone happened when he was getting out of his car before work yesterday morning. The iPhone had been resting on his lap when he pulled into his usual spot. After turning off the ignition and grabbing his mug of coffee, the first step out the door caused his iPhone to go crashing to the ground – completely rendering the iPhone useless.

Disheartened, he walked through the company doors and up the elevator. Once he reached his desk he began looking for iPhone repair services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. After just a few minutes, he came across iRepairUAE and was refreshingly surprised to find that we have an on-demand service that comes to our customers and repairs iPhone right on the spot. A few clicks away, Steve had set up an appointment with us and was able to get his iPhone back in working order before the end of the day. He was delighted by our service and was even more delighted by the fact that no one would have to know he had broken his broken. Disclaimer: In writing this post, we used a different name so “Steve” wouldn’t be called out and embarrassed by his friends. Happy we could help, “Steve”!