iPhone 6

Cracked iPhone 6 Screen Repair

Models A1549 – A1586 – A1589

195 AED

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you come to my home or office?
Yes, the great part of our service is we go to our clients to do the repairs. We have met people in coffee shops, offices, homes, cafes near the beach, in the Burj Khalifa – just about anywhere that has enough space for us to complete the repair. It’s been a lot of fun for us to meet people from all around the world.
What is your warranty policy?

We offer a 6-month warranty protection plan that states we will replace the screen we used to repair your device originally if there is ever a problem with the replacement screen. In very rare instances, the screens we use to replace your cracked screen may have a small portion that is not responding. Usually we can determine this well before the repair is finished, but sometimes it’s not seen right away.

Do I need to backup my device before getting it repaired?
This is always best practice. And a good chance for you to backup all of your information in the cloud or on your computer. In the very unlikely ever that something does happen, you will not be charged for the repair and you’ll thankfully have everything you need backed up.
How long does it take to fix an iPhone X?

If all goes as planned, iPhone repairs take about 15 minutes. Sometimes the initial screen we put on has a small defect and we need to switch it out with another one. But generally repairs take 15 minutes.

I broke my iPhone again. Can you still fix it?

Yes, we can! Just give us a phone call or text message, and we’ll work to set up an appointment with you to repair it ASAP.

How long have you been repairing iPhones and iPads in the UAE?

Believe it or not, we’ve been operating in the UAE since 2010. We love helping customers get their cherished devices back in working order. Whether you have a broken iPhone screen or a cracked iPad, get  in touch with us today and we’ll repair it for you.