Yes, that’s correct – having a broken iPhone screen in Dubai is never any fun. Such was the case for Jamie after having a long weekend out on the town. When he returned to his apartment Saturday night, a glance at his iPhone found that he must had dropped it sometime over the course of the evening. The result? A broken iPhone screen in Dubai on his brand new iPhone 6S. Devastating to say the least.

How could this have happened. He had always seen people walking around town with a broken iPhone screen in Dubai but never thought that this could possibly happen to him. Ugh! Now having this broken iPhone screen, he wondered to himself was there any place that would be able to fix it? Better yet, is there at repair shop out there in Dubai or Abu Dhabi that can come to him and do the repair in the comfort and convenience of  his house or office? Sure enough, that would be! We come to you to do repairs on your cracked iPhones and iPads.

Jamie found out website online with a few clicks of the button and decided to give us a call. Within minutes we had scheduled an appointment to fix his broken iPhone screen in Dubai in one of the JLT clusters. Before the days was done we had replaced the broken iPhone screen on Jamie’s iPhone 6S. Back to normal! Like nothing ever happened. Jamie was thrilled at the fact that his broken iPhone looked like new again – like nothing ever happened. So many times a day, people drop their iPhones and iPads across the UAE. If you know anyone walking around with a shattered screen, be sure to pass along out information. We’d be happy to help! Give us a call today!