Simon was having a great day. He woke up early, saw his kids off to school, fixed himself a tasty cup of coffee, and sat down to read the latest in The National. It was a little warm in the UAE on this day, but Simon always felt a cool breeze landing softly on his face. Life was good. When he finished reading the paper and took his last sip of coffee, he got up from the kitchen counter not realizing that he had place his iPhone 7 on the newspaper in front of him. As he picked up the newspaper he witnessed in slow-mo his beloved iPhone go crashing to the kitchen floor beside him. When started out as a wonderful day, quickly turned into a lonely morning cry-fest in the comfort of his own home. He iPhone 7 had cracked. He was now staring at a broken iPhone screen in his home on the Palm. Life took a quick turn for the worse and he was sure how he was going to go about his day.

Once he wiped away the tears and gathered his emotions, he began to take proactive steps to figure out how to fix this problem. He turned to his trusty friend of his iPhone – his iPad. He did a quick search for an on-demand, fast, efficient, friendly iPhone repair service in Dubai that could help with his ailments. Was there even such a thing, he thought to himself. Sure enough, when the search results came up he found an amazing company that has been around in the UAE for nearly 10 years that could come to his house and fix his iPhone on the spot. He was overjoyed and gave us a call immediately. Within minutes we scheduled an appointment with Simon to get his iPhone 7 screen fixed in Dubai on the Palm. It’s days like this that make us love what we do. Happy to help Simon! Be careful out there!