Yes, indeed – Sarah asked Amazon’s Alexa, “Where can I get my cracked iPhone fixed in Dubai?” To her dismiss, Alexa didn’t quite have an answer. One of her favorite kitchen appliances can play music, recite cooking recipes, and even cheer her up with the occasional joke. Alexa couldn’t however, direct Sarah to Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s best iPhone repair service.

So she decided to explore the trusted ol’ internet with her search for a company that could replace the broken screen on her iPhone SE. She had been walking around with a cracked screen for over two months and finally resolved to get it fixed as it was beginning to cut her fingers with each tap of the screen. Her internet search for cracked iPhone fixed in Dubai turned up several services that promised many a things. After nearly 20 minutes of navigating the different services, she couldn’t get over the ease and transparency of the best iPhone repair service in Dubai – iRepairUAE! She was fascinated by the website and wanted to learn more about the people behind it.

She gave us a call and instantly wanted to set up an appointment with us. She said we were friendly and professional from the get-go. We met Sarah at her office in Arabian Ranches and fixed her iPhone SE in under 30 minutes. Sarah would no longer have to deal with the constant worry that one of her fingers was going to need stitches. She no longer had to walk around with the embarrassment of having a broken iPhone screen in Dubai. She was back to having a brand new looking iPhone in the UAE – and she was psyched!

For all of your iPhone repair needs, don’t ask Alexa. Instead, check out the best iPhone repair service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We’re looking forward to replacing your screens.